Danielle R. Pena, Esq.

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Ms. Pena has dedicated her career to fighting for the constitutional rights of others. As a trial attorney, Ms. Pena exclusively practices civil rights law with an emphasis on police misconduct. She represents victims, and families of victims, who have been wrongfully searched, arrested, injured or killed by law enforcement. Ms. Pena also specializes in jail-related injuries and deaths, such as suicides, inmate-on-inmate attacks, excessive force by correctional officers, and inadequate medical care.

As an example of her practice, Ms. Pena has won cases on behalf of a woman raped by a correctional officer; the family of a man who was denied medical treatment by arresting officers despite knowing he ingested methamphetamine; a prisoner who initiated a fight but was then unreasonably beaten by correctional staff; an inmate that suffered from an asthma attack complicated by heroin withdrawals; and countless families of those that committed suicide while in-custody. In her pursuit for police reform, Ms. Pena also litigates cases against governmental entities when policy or training failures result in injury or death. Ms. Pena practices in San Diego County, Imperial County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside, and the Inland Empire.

Ms. Pena, who prefers to go by “Dani,” was born and raised in Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas – San Antonio in 2008. She then attended California Western School of Law on a scholarship. Ms. Pena began working with Mr. Morris as second-year law student in 2011. As a Texas-native, Ms. Pena brings southern-charm and a pit-bull mentality to every case she handles. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your case, please contact Ms. Pena directly at DPena@Morrislawfirmapc.com.

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