Civil Rights

Morris Law Firm has extensive experience litigating:

  • Excessive Force
  • Custodial Suicides
  • Inadequate Medical Care
  • False Arrest | Malicious Prosecution
  • Prison Rape
  • Unequal Protection Under the Law
  • Freedom of Speech 
  • Right to Assemble 

MLF is a community leader in Civil Rights Litigation. The team at MLF have been passionate advocates of social and criminal justice for over 25 years. MLF was built on the idea of providing bold and visionary advocacy for those that have been mistreated or exploited by law enforcement. MLF takes a unique approach to civil rights litigation by investing in necessary resources, such as investigators, experts, and doctors, in order to give its clients the best chance of settling or prevailing at trial.  MLF has won millions of dollars on behalf of victims and families of those injured by law enforcement. Please contact us at 619-826-8060 for a free case evaluation.

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