Morris Law Firm, APC has handled a wide variety of business disputes and corporate litigation.  When deals are struck and spirits are high, the parties to the agreement seldom could have imagined that their relationship could wind up in litigation.  The attorneys at Morris Law Firm, APC are equipped to handle all types of business disputes.  Whether your business relationship was formed by a partnership, an operating agreement, a purchase order or a handshake, the attorneys at Morris Law Firm, APC have the experience and dedication to successfully handle all types of business disputes.


As an attorney for the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, Mr. Morris was a founding member of the office’s construction litigation unit.  In that capacity, Mr. Morris handled a wide variety of construction related disputes including delay and disruption claims and unforeseen condition claims.  Mr. Morris was a regular speaker and the annul Construction Superconference is San Francisco, presenting on various subjects including construction claims accounting and critical path expert witness analysis.  If you are embroiled in a construction related dispute, the attorneys at Morris Law Firm, APC are well versed in this complex area of the law.


Financial institutions operate under a complex set of rules that govern not only their underwriting and lending policies, but that dictate almost all of their operational processes as well.  The attorneys at Morris Law Firm, APC are well versed in the laws governing financial institutions and have handled a wide variety of cases involving banks and lending institutions.



Claims against governmental entities are fraught with roadblocks designed to protect tax dollars.  The attorneys at Morris Law Firm, APC, and in particular Mr. Morris, have over 20 years of experience representing and suing public entities and employees.  From simple contract disputes to complex federal civil rights claims, Morris Law Firm, APC is uniquely positioned to bring and litigate public entity claims.


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